Saturday, April 02, 2005

What did you do during the war, Daddy?

This priceless bit of hatred comes from the delightful Hans Küng:

With his "internal policies," this Pope betrayed the council numerous times. Instead of using the conciliatory program words "Aggiornamento - Dialogue and Collegiality -- ecumenical," what's valid now in doctrine and practice is "restoration, lectureship, obedience and re-Romanization." The criteria for the appointment of a bishop is not the spirit of the gospel or pastoral open-mindedness, but rather to be absolutely loyal to the party line in Rome. Before their appointment, their fundamental conformity is tested based on a curial catalog of questions and they are sacrally sealed through a personal and unlimited pledge of obedience to the Pope that is tantamount to an oath to the "Fuehrer."

Would it be uncharitable of me to suggest that Küng, who grew up in neutral Switzerland during the greatest conflagration of the twentieth century, shielded from any consequences of that calamity, might choose his words more carefully when speaking of a man who chose the way of the cross in an underground seminary in the blackest heart of Nazi oppression?
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