Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Wonkette Gets McGreevey Hilariously Wrong

In Gayest News Day Ever, Ana Marie Cox writes
"Sure, the most recent spin on McGreevey is that his being gay wasn't the problem, his being crooked like a sidewalk crack was. We'd like to point out that New Jersey almost never has a problem with politicians being crooked. What's more, we wouldn't be having this discussion if he'd hired his pretty young lady friend to be New Jersey's terrorism czar. . . because he never would have gotten away with hiring a woman for that job in the first place."

Hmm. A glib dismissal of serious corruption (ah, it's only New Jersey, that's practically Haiti), followed by a tweak of the Evil Bigoted Man, keeping the Sisters down. Yeah, Wonkette, that's the REAL story.

Let's see, there's a black woman who's the National Security Advisor, but Cox thinks that a woman would never fly for New Jersey's security chief? Talk about victimization on the cheap.

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