Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Eric Scheske's mandate

The Daily Eudemon has a nice follow-up to the Times's "man date" silliness. Unlike the Girlie Men of Thumos, Eric Scheske now has worries about his marriage:

But here's our biggest concern: The examples they site of activities that don't count as "man dates" because they're too manly–going to bars, exercising together, and attending sporting events–were three staples in Eric Scheske's courtship of his wife. Any chance he married a lesbian? The New York Times has him quivering.

And he suspects he'll be sleeping on the porch tonight.

So Eric's marriage may lack a mandate. Or "man date." Er, or the man-woman equivalent of a "man date" which would be -- a romantic "date"? Or would that have been a date with no romantic tension? Oh, this business has us tied up completely in knots. How ever did we get along without the Times?
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