Monday, April 04, 2005

Papabili on parade, 1978 edition

The usual speculation on the next pope is all over Time Magazine. Why do we read this? (We must read it, because they keep printing it.)

Last time Time picked the papabili, before Wojtyla's election in 1978, they came up with this short list:
  • CORRADO URSI, Archbishop of Naples
  • SALVATORE PAPPALARDO, Archbishop of Palermo
  • GIOVANNI BENELLI, Archbishop of Florence

the long list included:
  • Giovanni Colombo, Archbishop of Milan
  • Anastasio Ballestrero, Archbishop of Turin
  • Antonio Poma, Archbishop of Bologna
  • Ugo Poletti, Pope's Vicar in Rome
  • Giuseppe Siri, Archbishop of Genoa
  • Pericle Felici
  • Sergio Pignedoli
  • Sebastiano Baggio
  • Paolo Bertoli
  • Jean Villot
  • Aloisio Lorscheider
  • Eduardo Pironio
  • Johannes Willebrands
  • Basil Hume
Wojtyla? Unmentioned, unknown.
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