Saturday, April 02, 2005

HBO: Hugs for the Benefit of O'Franken

HBO is airing Left of the Dial, a documentary of the auspicious birth, early scandals, and subsequent vindication of Air America Radio. The overtly liberal talk radio network is one year old, so how anyone can possibly know that Air America is going to be a success is beyond me. Judging from the preview, the documentary is a puff piece, a love letter to Franken to encourage him to fight the good fight.

Does anyone out there remember a major media outlet filming and broadcasting a fawning story of, say, Rush Limbaugh's trials and tribulations? Limbaugh's had decades of undeniable success, as opposed to a single year of mere survival.

The previews of the documentary make it seem like a David and Goliath story. Those who read the NY Times Magazine's piece on the launch will remember a scene in which media professionals from virtually every major outlet -- broadcast, cable, newspapers, magazines -- donated time and expertise to help plan and launch AA. David? Yeah, right.
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