Friday, April 29, 2005

Lexington school calls cops on dad irate over gay book

The Boston Herald reports on a disagreement at a Lexington school. Read more . . . David Parker, 42, complained because his six-year-old son took home a school storybook on families that used gay parents as one of the examples. The school officials refused his request to be notified whenever same-sex households were discussed with his son in school, Parker refused to leave, and the school called police and had him arrested.

I'm a little surprised that a man that age was driven to anger and became hostile in this fashion. Did it really blindside him? Did he really think that public schools would be more accommodating to his, ahem, "unenlightened" views?

Update: Michelle Malkin chimes in. While I can sympathize with the desire to make Mr. Parker a hero, do these actions make the point many of us would like to see made? Isn't this a little "late to the party?" The public school system has fallen and can't get up. How is this going to rouse the corpse?
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