Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Will No One Rid Me of this Turbulent Priest?

The Schiavo case is unleashing a lot of spirits of widely differing qualities and alignments. To witness the less seemly spirits in action, we present CNN on the Pope and the Terri Schiavo case:
Nobody at the Vatican is drawing parallels between Schiavo's condition and that of the ailing pope.
Apparently, though, CNN is comfortable doing so. Read on:
Still, the debate over Schiavo's fate has once more raised questions no one inside the Vatican can answer: What would happen should the pope become incapacitated? Should he one day require artificial means to breathe, eat and drink, how long should these machines be used? And, who would make the decision to pull the plug?
Is it just us, or do we detect a faint note of longing? This is the sound of an editorial team longing to give two plugs a tug, and one of them is only hypothetical and hasn't even been hooked up yet.
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