Thursday, March 24, 2005

ABC News: More News They Refuse

ABC News has another story on the Schindler family's setbacks. We call your attention to this passage on page 2:

"Jeb Bush and the state's social services agency filed a petition in state court to take custody of Schiavo and, presumably, reconnect her feeding tube. It cites new allegations of neglect and challenges Schiavo's diagnosis as being in a persistent vegetative state. The request is based on the opinion of a neurologist working for the state who observed Schiavo at her bedside but did not conduct an examination of her.

The neurologist, William Cheshire of the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, is a bioethicist who is also an active member in Christian organizations, including two whose leaders have spoken out against the tube's removal.

Ronald Cranford of the University of Minnesota, a neurologist who was among those who made a previous diagnosis of Schiavo, said 'there isn't a reputable, credible neurologist in the world who won't find her in a vegetative state.'"

Hmm. William Cheshire is obviously working out his "Christian thing," expressing his narrow, parrochial biases, right? After all, this unbiased Cranford doctor says that every unbiased expert would agree with him. Perhaps ABC can report that Cranford is the author of this, a passionate plea for removing feeding tubes from not only PVS patients, but also Alzheimer's patients.

ABC mentions that an expert who says Terri is not in a PVS is a member of "Christian groups" (cue scary music), but hides the fact that the most damning witness for Robert Schiavo is a doctor who is an outspoken advocate for starving the demented.

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