Monday, March 28, 2005

Privacy Kills

Time's lead on the Schiavo story:

"The way Terri Schiavo's private tragedy has become a political issue in the U.S. estranges many people in Europe."

Boy, let's parse that one: first, the Schiavo case, where a woman has been the subject of countless public court cases, held at various public facilities (hospices, hospitals) and commented on by untold third-parties, was somehow "private," presumably until Congress "politicized" it. George Felos's association with the Hemlock Society, Dr. Cranford's advocacy of euthanasia for Alzheimer's patients -- those somehow shouldn't be taken as indicative of political or ideological axes to grind. Second, of course those Europeans are so much more sophisticated than we Bible-thumping naifs here Stateside.

I do recommend the article -- there's a quote from Rocco Buttiglione applauding the efforts of Congress.
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