Friday, March 18, 2005

US Senate Rejects So-Called "Democratic Abortion Amendment"

Check out this article on how those nasty Republicans are really not interested in reducing abortions.

Apparently, Senators Clinton and Reid introduced something Reuters variously terms an "abortion amendment" and a "pregnancy prevention measure" which Republican senators refused to support.

The reader has to get through seven paragraphs to find an actual description of the measure:

"The measure, offered as an amendment in the Senate budget debate, included more funding for family planning, teen pregnancy programs and education about emergency contraception. It also would have expanded health insurance coverage of prescription birth control."

Hmmm. Pro-life (anti-abortion) senators are opposed to funding "emergency contraceptives which work as . . . . abortifacients? And they aren't adding funding to promote contraception, which study after study show do nothing to curb abortion rates?

Wow, they're so . . . . consistent.
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