Sunday, March 20, 2005

baldilocks: Schiavo Two Cents

baldilocks: From Baldilocks' Blog:
I haven’t done any posting on Terry Schiavo except to make glancing comments. There’s a reason.

My grandmother's (step dad’s mom) youngest was born with multiple birth defects. Basically, she was born the way Terry Schiavo became—probably with far less cognitive ability than Ms. Schiavo.

My aunt couldn’t walk or talk or feed herself. She could, however, laugh, cry and recognize familiar people. When she was born, doctors said that she wouldn’t live past one year and suggested that my grandmother institutionalize her. That, however, was out of the question, so she lived at home—for thirty-eight years. My aunt died only a few months after my grandmother did—probably from grief.

(When my aunt was alive, I knew that there would always someone else at home when I called Grandma’s house. Aunt was never left alone.)

What’s being done to Terry Schiavo is barbaric, criminal and evil. Plain and simple. All the talk is just that.
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