Monday, March 21, 2005

Keeping Things in Perspective

While the Florida courts attempt to starve a woman, it's good to have activists try to limit euthanasia among pets. From Boulder, CO: "But 15 percent of the 7,600 animals the Boulder Humane Society takes in each year will be euthanized. That's not bad compared to the national euthanization rate of about 63 percent, local officials say. In some shelters, as many as 75 percent are killed.
Still, some activists and former volunteers say the numbers don't jibe with the shelter's motto that it finds homes for 100 percent of adoptable animals. They think that claim misleads the public into thinking the shelter is a no-kill facility. They say what's 'adoptable' is subjective and question how the shelter draws the line. "

Here's an idea: let's see if Terri is "adoptable" before we starve her. There is a family in St. Petersburg that would make an excellent candidate.
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