Saturday, June 25, 2005

There be dragons

Liesl Schillinger has a rather slight review of Brian Anderson's South Park Conservatives. She's disdainful, and after confusing undisputed Republican dominance at the polls with Anderson's allegation of leftist hegemony in media and publishing, she notes that the book isn't for our kind of readers, dear. (I'd love a Bombay Sapphire martini, thank you! Are you summering in East Hampton again this year?)

Treefrog writes in an email: "I love this paragraph, and the priceless, parochial view of the universe it implies. Beyond the Hudson there be dragons."
Anderson quotes an interview that Howard Kurtz, the Washington Post's media critic, conducted with Lawrence O'Donnell, a political analyst and screenwriter for ''The West Wing,'' in which O'Donnell said, ''You'll never, ever get the Republican TV show.'' Anderson and O'Donnell imply that this has something to do with politics, but isn't it more likely a question of ratings? Would anybody, even a conservative fan of ''South Park'' -- especially a conservative fan of ''South Park'' -- want to watch a sitcom about churchgoing parents with two children who lead an uneventful life and make regular donations to the Fraternal Order of Police?
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