Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Pope's spokesman in his own words

Treefrog sends us this lovely interview with Joaquin Navarro-Walls, the Vatican spokesman. Here's a snippet:
Q: Doctor Navarro, even though you look very good for your age, you are 69 years old. Do you feel the sadness of declining?

A: "My reaction to growing old is rather one of surprise. Good grief, I say, I'm no longer capable of the great mastery in tennis that once was laughably easy. Am I perhaps out of training? No, I’m just getting old."

Q: And this doesn't make you afraid?

A: "Not at all. I look at the limitations of our culture, which experiences old age as an insult. Once the child making his first communion was dressed as an adult. Now the adults dress like children, and they are ridiculous. But the wonderful way in which the pope grew old may have been a corrective. He taught that life leads to death, but that this is not the final end of life."
It's an excellent interview, with his experiences with both popes, and many personal reminiscences. Check it out.
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