Friday, April 14, 2006

Be afraid -- be very afraid

New York Daily News caught my eye with this article on TomKat. I don't usually follow this story (shooting fish in a barrel). However near the end of the story, filled with creepy details of Tom Cruise's attempts to script Katie's birth according to Scientologist, uh, for lack of a better word, ideas, comes this disturbing line: "Cruise said the couple has a 'plan B' for the birth if things don't go their way, but he didn't reveal it."

Oh. Scripting "shifts" for your other children and drilling all involved in childbirth to maintain silence through great pain in order to thwart Xenu's evil is just the standard plan. Plan B -- what on earth can that be? I'm picturing Tom in a Devil mask, screaming "Don't you $#%*!@ look at me!" while a hostage situation unfolds in L. A. Heaven help us.
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